Made by hand

Every Victor York shirt is handcrafted in Singapore. From the moment we receive your order, to the final stitch sewn on the final button, our tailors match their expertise to your exact requirements and preferences. But it’s not merely about tailoring a bespoke shirt that fits well – we’re passionate about the little details in the art of menswear. Be it the fabric, the colour or the overall style, a well-crafted shirt shapes the personal brand image and grants every individual confidence to be on his best form.


Victor York shirts are crafted with single-needle stitching that gives each seam added durability. This process takes a little longer, but produces seams that are flatter, more comfortable, very neat and much more durable than conventional seams. We also pay special attention to ensuring the pattern lines match perfectly where the fabrics join. Our selection of threads and the precision we pour into every single stitch results in a shirt that not only impresses the sharp eye of our master tailor but also lives up to your own high standards.


We have sourced fabrics from the finest mills in Turkey and Italy, using the best Egyptian cotton and linen raw materials to produce a diverse range of patterns and structures guaranteed to meet all aspects of daily life. These are blended with our unique selection of trimming from America to add that extra twist to our shirts. Our selections are based not only on design, but also quality and durability. When considering fabric collections, we produce dummy shirts, which we then test for durability, presentation, wash ability and ease of ironing.   Each fabric combination must pass our rigorous tests before attaining the Victor York stamp of approval.

Lasting quality

We make our shirts to last. Each element of the shirt – the fabric, threads and buttons – is selected to ensure it lives up to the high demands of your lifestyle. We want your Victor York shirt to be your favourite, from the day you receive it, and for many years down the road.

An eye for detail

We pay as much attention to the details you can see as those you cannot. Shirt fabrics, trimmings, threads and buttons – we blend these tastefully to create a shirt that will be loved for a long time. We’ll work with you on the nitty gritty to make sure that the minor details are taken care of. Even our labels and vents are carefully designed to make donning a Victor York shirt both stylish and comfortable.