Whether you are slim, athletic, or larger in build, the principles of identifying the best fit should be the same – follow the shape of your body, taking precise and accurate measurements so a unique shirt can be crafted to suit you. This may seem time consuming but it’s really time well spent. Once logged on the Victor York system, ordering future shirts will be effortless. Here are some elements for the right fit...


The biggest impact on how a shirt sits and looks on the body lies in the seams where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt close to the top of your shoulders. A finely tailored shirt, made to your measurements, should allow your arms to pivot without the rest of your shirt dancing around.   The last thing you want is excess fabric under your arms.


Your shirt should always fit comfortably around the chest, along the underarms and across the upper back, enabling you a full range of motion. A well-fitting shirt will feel snug, but not too tight. If the buttons are pulling when you're standing still with your arms down, your shirt’s a little tight.  However you should expect it to feel fitted, seeing the contours of your chest and body is the aim.

Body / Waist

This all depends on the fit you prefer. Even if you like your shirts to be a little more loose and comfortable, they should still follow the lines of your body and not billow out in the wind like a pirate’s – this isn’t a fancy dress party, unless it is in which case we can make you a real pirate’s shirt!

There are slightly different lengths for shirts tucked in and tucked out. Shirts tucked in should end one inch above the top of the inside leg of your trousers, while shirts tucked out should be 2 inches higher. Split the difference if you’d like a shirt that can be worn both tucked in and out.